Das Auto Show

Das Auto Show - NEW FOR 2019

Sunday 2nd June 2019 at Santa Pod Raceway

With Run What Ya Brung on Saturday 1st June 2019

The German car show comes to Santa Pod for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Porsche and more. With German only RWYB competition – which marque will come out on top? Plus, Show & Shine, club displays, DWYB and more.

German engineering takes over for “Das Auto Show”. German car manufacturers are extremely popular on the roads in the UK; whether you’re looking for an efficient hatchback, high performance monster or touch of class, the chances are you’ve at least thought about buying a German machine before. The modern line of performance vehicles makes them popular on the drag strip too with the likes of the BMW M series, Audi RS series, VW R and GTI series or even Mercedes AMG series all capable of recording some mightily impressive ¼ mile times. Then we have Porsche whose name speaks for itself in the automotive world! We can’t wait to see which one of these marque heavy weights ends up on top of the pile at the end of the weekend.

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Show n Shine
Show n Shine
Show n Shine
Show n Shine

Das Auto Show Report

The Das Auto show was the first all-encompassing German car show of its kind held at the home of European Drag Racing, Santa Pod Raceway. With German manufacturers creating more and more machines with serious performance, it comes as no surprise to find owners champing at the bit to hit the drag strip and really put them to the test. To add to that, there’s quite a rivalry between the manufacturers and owners so we wanted to see, who really does make the quickest cars!? And therefore, we even put up £200 for the quickest road legal car of the day.

There were also some extremely strong entries in the Autoglym Show & Shine competition in all classes which resulted in some very worth winners in all classes, and equally a couple of high-quality cars going home without a prize. In this instance however, it was a VW that walked away with the top prize:

Show n Shine
Show n Shine
Best of Show
Darren Bates
Mk2 Golf
Show n Shine
Show n Shine
Judges Choice
Lee Moore
Audi TT
Show n Shine
Show n Shine
Best Retro
Amy Hoath
VW Mk2 Golf GTI

Show n Shine
Show n Shine
Best VW
Ross Morris
Mk5 Golf GTI Edition30

Show n Shine
Show n Shine
Best Mercedes
Paul Pearce/Lauren Fronczak
Mercedes AMG GT

Show n Shine
Show n Shine
Best BMW
Adam Marshall
BMW E46 M3
Show n Shine
Show n Shine
Best Audi
Kyle Cox
Audi RS5

Show n Shine
Show n Shine
Best Porsche
Mark Hooton
Porsche 944 Turbo

The track action was fast and furious throughout and commenced with qualifying for round 2 of the VWDRC heads up shootout. There were 10 second runs left right and centre and it was Paul Jordan that qualified in the number 1 spot with a 10.18 in his unique VW Polo. Pauls joy was short lived as he broke in qualifying and was unable to take part in eliminations which left the path to victory open for round 1 winner; Sam Chisholm-Brown in his VW Golf. Congratulations Sam!

The VWDRC wasn’t the only place where we saw 10 second runs as all but 1 of the RWYB classes was won by a 10 second runner. Congratulations to the winners of the day who were as follows:

Class A & King of Germany
Quickest Audi
Sean Mclaren
10.4173 @132.56mph
Class B
Quickest BMW
Munraj Bindra
M4 Competition
11.4248 @ 134.12mph
CLass C
Quickest Mercedes
Jack Hale
10.8384 @ 126.2mph
Class D
Quickest Porsche
No Runners - Porsche owners this is your call out for 2020!
CLass E
Quickest VW
Craig Corish
VW Golf
10.8636 @ 126.19mph
Class F
Best of the Rest
Jack Brown
Lamborghini Huracan
10.9293 @ 127.73mph
Class X
Quickest Non Road Legal
David Lee
VW Golf MK7R
9.7606 @136.07mph

The quickest road legal time of the day and therefore King of Germany winner of the prize money was Sean Mclaren with mental Audi TTRS. What is interesting is that whilst Class X winner David Lee was driving a VW Golf, said golf had an Audi powerplant under the bonnet so it was a very strong day for the audi community! We were also lucky enough to see a couple of good passes from each of the jet cars that were on the property in the form of Perry Watkins in the Oklahoma Willy Jet pick-up and also Julian Webb in the Split Second Jet Dragster who managed a 6.83 at a whopping 226mph.

Towards the top end of the venue there were 2 arenas in operation for the day, one offering drift rides and the other DWYB sessions to RWD, tyre-burning fanatics. We also saw the incredible stunt show from Ricardo Domingo’s who showcased his amazing talent on a selection of vehicles by performing on 2 motorbikes, a quad bike and even in a smart car. There was also an opportunity to have a play in the arena for those not set on killing their tyres quite so quickly with the Autotest competition. A small, tight and twisty course was set out and the mission was simple – to navigate your way around it in the quickest was possible and there was a trophy on offer for the winner.

Handling Track


Congratulations to Nick Johnson in his BMW M5 who took the trophy with an impressive time of 30 seconds flat.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the clubs that came along to support this brand new show in the first year, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did and we look forward to welcoming you back to an even bigger and better Das Auto Show in 2020

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Das Auto Show, our New German Car Show is at Santa Pod Raceway Join for all the latest updates, tickets, photos, videos and more in the run up to the event.

Posted by Santa Pod Raceway on Monday, 3 December 2018

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